Department of Crop Management

Mrs.P.Sangeetha, M.Sc.(Ag.).

Assistant Professor (Agricultural Microbiology)

Area of Specialization: Biofertilizers,Bacillus thuringiensis(Bt)
Course Handled: Fundamentals of Microbiology

Dr.C.Jemila, M.Sc.(Ag.),Ph.D.

Assistant Professor(Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry)

Area of Specialization: Soil Science
Course Handled: 1.Environmental Studies and Disaster Management,2. Soil Fertility,fertilzers and manures, 3. Soil Resource Inventory,4.Problematic Soils and their management,5.Crop and pesticide chemistry

Dr.Aswathy S.Nair,M.Sc.(Ag.),Ph.D.

Assistant Professor(Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry)

Area of Specialization: Soil Science & Agricultural chemistry
Course Handled: 1.Environmental Pollution and Management,2.Geo-Informatics for Precision Farming


Assistant Professor (Horticulture)

Area of Specialization: Horticulture
Course Handled: 1.Production Technology of Fruits And Plantation Crops 2.Production Technology For Ornamental Crop, Map & Landscaping 3.Production Technology of Vegetables And Spice Crops

Dr.S.Alagappan, M.Sc.(Agri.)., Ph.D., Professor (Agronomy)

Assistant Professor (Horticulture)

Area of Specialization: Agronomy

Ms. K. RAMYA, M.Sc. (Agri.).,

Assistant Professor (Agronomy)

Area of Specialization: Agronomy
Course Handled:
1.AGR 101 Fundamentals of Agronomy and Agricultural Heritage (1+1)
2.AGR 203 Crop Production Technology – II (Rabi crops)(1+1)
3.AGR 204 Farming system & Sustainable Agriculture (1+1)
4. AGR 302 Rainfed Agriculture and Watershed Management (1+1)

Mr. J. SAKTHI, M.Sc. (Agri.).,

Assistant Professor (Agronomy)

Area of Specialization: Weed Management
Course Handled:
1.AGR 102 Introductory Agro – Meteorology & Climate Change (1+1)
2.AGR 201 Crop Production Technology (kharif crops) (1+1)
3.AGR 301 Practical Crop Production (0+2)
4. AGR 303 Crop Production II (0+1)
5. AGR 304 Principles and Practices of Cropping & Farming system (1+1)

Ms. E.PUNITHA, M.SC. (Agri.).

Assistant Professor (Agricultural Biotechnology)

Area of Specialization: Molecular Biology
Course Handled:
1.FOR 111 Introduction t o Forestry & Agro forestry (1+1)
2. CRP 101 Fundamentals of Crop Physiology (2+1)

Mr. R. KARTHICK, M.Sc. (Hort.).,

Assistant Professor (Horticulture)

Area of Specialization: Vegetable Science
Course Handled:
1. HOR 111 Fundamentals of Horticulture (1+1)

Department of Crop Improvement


Assistant Professor(Plant Breeidng and Genetics)

Area of Specialization: Mutation Breeding
Awards: UGC National Fellowship 2012-2016
Course Handled: 1.Introduction to Agricultural Botany


Assistant Professor (Seed Science & Technology)

Area of Specialization: Seed Science
Course Handled: 1.Principles of Seed Technology 2.Seed Quality Regulation & Storage 3.Breeding Field & Horticultural Crops 4.Introduction to Nanotechnology


Assistant Professor (Genetics & Plant Breeding)

Area of Specialization: Tissue Culture
Course Handled:
1.PBG 101 Introduction to Agricultural Botany (1+1)
2.PBG 301 Fundamentals of Plant Breeding (2+1)

Department of Crop Protection


Assistant Professor(Agricultural Entomology)

Area of Specialization: Entomology
Course Handled: 1.Fundamentals of Entomology

Dr. Syamala,M.Sc.(Ag.),Ph.D.

Assistant Professor (Plant Pathology)

Area of Specialization: Plant Pathology
Course Handled: 1.Fundamentals of Plant Pathology 2.Principles of Integrated Plant Disease Management 3.Principles of Plant Disease Management 4.Diseases of Field Crops and Their Management


Assistant Professor (Agri.Engg)

Area of Specialization: Agricultural Engineering
Course Handled: 1.Soil & Water conservation Engineering 2.Renewable Energy & Green Technology 3.Post Harvest & Food Engineering 4.Farm & Farm machinery 3.Production Technology of Vegetables And Spice Crops

Department of Social Science


Assistant Professor(Agricultural Economics)

Area of Specialization: Agricultural Economics
Course Handled: 1.Production Economics And Farm Management 2.Agribusiness Management And Entrepreneurship 3.Agricultural Marketing, Trade And Prices 4.Fundamentals of Agricultural Economics

Mr.G.Jeba Singh,M.A,M.P.Ed,M.Phil.

Physical Director

Area of Specialization: Basket Ball,Athletics
Course Handled: 1.Physical Education

Mr.A.joney Prasad,M.Sc(Ag.),D.F.T.,PGDHRM.

Assistant Professor (Agricultural Extension)

Area of Specialization: HR Development, Training, Agricultural Extension
Course Handled: 1.Fundamentals of Rural sociology and educational psychology 2.National Service Scheme

Ms. M. SOWMIYA, M.Sc. (Agri.).,

Assistant Professor (Agricultural Statistics)

Area of Specialization: Trend Analysis, Forecasting Model & Cluster Analysis
Course Handled:
1.MAT 111 Elementary Mathematics (1+1)

Ms. T.TAMIL ENIYA, M.A., M.Phil.

Assistant Professor (English)

Area of Specialization: English Communication Skill
Course Handled:
1. ENG 101 Comprehension & Communication Skills (1+1)
2. ENG 103 Development Education (0+1)

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